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An ATCQA Accredited Program is one that has met the high standards set by ATCQA in its Tai Chi training programs.

Benefits of Being an ATCQA Accredited Program

  • Differentiate your program from those unaccredited ones at no additional cost (the accreditation is free).
  • Demonstrate your program’s quality to prospective clients and potential students.
  • Secure benefits for your students: your students will receive the ATCQA Tai Chi Practitioner Certification (see the sample certificate below) upon finishing 150 hours of class time and presenting an official record. The reference letters usually required for the certification will be waived, making the process simpler for the applicants. In addition, your students will receive a 10% discount on the certification fee.
  • Help your program attract and retain more students because the above benefits for the students.

Application Requirements

To become an ATCQA Accredited Program, the institutional applicant needs to meet the following requirements –
1. At least one of the Tai Chi teachers from the applicant organization is an ATCQA certified instructor at Level II or above.
2. The details of the training plan: what will be taught in the program, the frequency of the classes, and the duration of the program. Please note: your organization may have multiple Tai Chi programs, and not all of them will have to meet ATCQA’s standards. But only the graduates from the programs that meet the ATCQA standards will be eligible for the ATCQA Practitioner Certification.
3. The assessment of your students’ performance: how will you measure the students’ learning progress and how will you test them at the end of the training.

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